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NLA splitted strips problem ("strip time" starts from initial frame)
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1) keyframe default cube location
2) go to frame 100, move the cube far and keyframe the new location
3) create a new NLA, set repeat to 10
4) go to frame 150
[see file nla_split.blend ready on this point]

5) select the nla strip and split it (Y)
6) bug ** the new strip "Strip Time" is not the same as it was before the split. It starts counting from frame 1 again, instead of considering the initial offset.
You can see the transition between frame 149 and 150 is not continuous at all.



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Ahh... Splitting in the middle of a repeat doesn't result in the new strip continuing on with the truncated repeat before carrying on.

Unfortunately, modifying this strip time mapping stuff is quite a hairy business: it turns out to be incredibly hard to get mapping functions which work correctly under all conditions you require of it. But, this is one more thing to take into account for my next little cleanup of these things.

Joshua, might i ask how's your cleanup going? :)

Noted in todo list, and closing.

Fractional repeats were never intended to occur at the starts of strips. Support for this case is missing in the current time remapping logic for this.

However, modifying that stuff is a can of worms, and is something that I'm really quite reluctant to touch. Last time I had to modify it, we were chasing swarms of bugs for months. So, without a set of comprehensive unit tests for this part (and a way to run these), I'm not going to run the risk of modifying this code anytime soon.

Joshua Leung (aligorith) closed this task as Archived.Nov 6 2012, 4:40 AM