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sequencer strip crop values on proxy not scene render size
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when using e.g. 50 % proxy for previewing strips and 'use_crop' the result shown is per-pixel of the preview, not the scene render size. so the proxy and the render no longer match. (min_x,min_y,max_x, max_y) properties of the strip.

Instead, these pixel values should match the either the render size, or (better) the input image size, leading to less confusion on rendertime

OS ubuntu linux 10.10, 64 bit, intel cpu, nvidia gpu



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I'm pretty sure it's the famous "feature added without working with every other older feature yet"...

This has been present for as long as the proxy preview in VSE display window has been available. I would love to see a fix too.

fix is in SVN.

Closing this now.


Peter Schlaile (schlaile) closed this task as Resolved.Mar 17 2012, 8:32 PM

Thanks Peter! Blender VSE is under-apreciated!