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Adding pole target to IK chain makes IK ignore limits set further up the chain
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Scroll timeline in attached .blend file to see what's up.

armatureA and armatureB are otherwise the same, only B has a pole target set for the IK constraint on bone2. Rotation limits set on bone2 are handled correctly on both armatures (neither is ever completely straight, because X rotation is limited), but on armatureB, limits set on bone1 are ignored.



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It's a known limitation of this option, see here:

I was wondering if this bug could be reopened, or added to the new todo list on the wiki, or a explaination to why it cant be fixed.
I recently found this bug or limitation a problem while rigging.

Some reasons to IK lock the final chain bone:

  • Prevent a finger from spinning on the Y axis.
  • Prevent shoulder joint from spinning on the Y axis.

Old wiki reference seems to be gone:
New file with same problem:

Problem is documented in the Text Editor.

With an IK bone constraint, the last bone in the chain cannot be XYZ locked if using a pole target.

Why is this issue ignored? Please revisit this issue.

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Please do not reopen old bug reports.

There is no particular reason this feature can't be implemented, it just takes quite a bit of work. For requesting features like this, see here: