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New Compositing Nodes: Vibrance, HCL, Pixelize, Posterize, ToonAA
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This patch adds a few compositing nodes :

Increases the saturation but prevents clipping and oversaturation.

Hue Chroma Luminance:
Adds a Hue Chroma Luminance control,separation,combination nodes.
The HCL Colorspace is similar in spirit to the HSV, but is based on the Lab Colorspace, giving more natural results.

Pixelizes the picture. The size of the blocks and the method used to pick the
blocks colors can be changed.

Reduces the number of colors in the picture. Similar to Gimp's posterize filter.

Anti-Aliasing filter for pictures with a small number of colors. Based on the EPX pixel art upscaling algorithm.



Event Timeline

New patch makes the 'fac' of 'Pixelize' work as intended

New patch Frees a CompBuf in Pixelize.

Hi, had a look over you're videos and some comets (note that Im not a compositor!)

- Vibrance: seems generally useful though while looking at this I was thinking perhaps a saturation curve could be used for the same purpose and give more control?

- Hue Chroma Luminance: +1, looks very useful, perhaps could be made an option for HSV, not sure about that though.

- Pixelize: Don't have a strong opinion on this, Could be useful - why not have it :)

- Posterize: Math -> Round can be used for this, but I didnt compare with you're implementation.

I think it'd be good if you mailed the BF-committers mailing list about the patches you've been working on, sure many people there would be interested.

ah, I see you already posted :)

There are some useful nodes indeed. But the thing is -- they're for old compositor :)

Will port them to new compositor and then commit tho.

thanks sergey for going through old patches, some diamonds are to be found there :)