Problem with multi-column dorpdown lists, when scrolling is enabled: the bottom-most elements are not shown
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I downloaded 2.60 2 days ago and there's something amiss: the subsurf modifier is only available at random. With simple objects such as a cube or a cylinder it works, however when you have a more complicated object it mysteriously disappears from the modifier list, this happens especially with objects created in 2.59. Sometimes, however, such as after restarting Blender 3 times, it unexpectedly reappears on the modifier list ... until you start working on a different object (same file, same scene) and it's gone again.

I cannot give you a concrete example because it's so random.

Good luck!



Hm, can't reproduce this quickly.

What OS are you on?

Hi Thomas,

Sorry, I should've put this in my original comment..

I'm using 64-bit Windows 7.

I did some more digging and I found a file in which the problem occurs consistently.

When you select the "cabin_base" object and try to add a subsurf modifier to it, the modifier is not on the list

Downloaded your file and selected "cabin_mesh", I can add a subsurf modifier, it's normal in the list. Please test 2.60a or a current SVN build.

Bug also reported by adhoniran, with blender 41226 (#29088):

I just noticied that Subdivision Surface Modifier some times is not appearing at Modifiers Menu. I needed to save my project and restart Blender to get Subdivision Surface modifier option available again. No changes on project are maden, only closing Blender and opening again to get Subdivision Surface option.

Windows 7 Professional 64bits
NVidia GeForce 310M
Blender 2.60a

Yes, downloading 2.60a didn't make any difference. I have done some more testing and I found out that it works fine with objects created in 2.58, it appears that only scenes and/or objects created with 2.59 are affected by this. However, not all scenes/object from 2.59 have this problem, most notably it happens with files created in 2.59.2.

As I said in my first post: it appears to be completely random. Sometimes saving the file and restarting Blender helps, sometimes it makes no difference.

As it happens, I'm just about to create a whole new scene and I don't expect any problems as I will create it in 2.60a :D

Ah, I think I have understood the problem. It’s not that you can’t add the modifier (try, in the 3D view, <space>→"Add Modifier"→<enter>, you should get the complete menu ;) ), it’s a problem with the drop-down list menu.

When it has not enough room to show it’s whole content, it shrinks and shows arrows to allow scrolling it. Problem is, the two bottom-most modifiers (Subsurf in Generate column, and Wave in Deform one) are never shown… The same can also be found in e.g. add constraint menu. However, it does not seem to affect single-column menus…

Changed the summary (was "Subsurf available sometimes, sometimes not") and category.

Fixed in svn41976.

Thanks for reporting :)