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COLLADA Importer: Animated Seymour limbs rotate in wrong direction in 2.60a
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The animated Seymour COLLADA file doesn't animate properly in 2.60a. It worked correctly in 2.59.

Steps to reproduce:
- Install Blender 2.60a
- Download animated Seymour models from
- Models: "Seymour_anim2.dae" and "Seymour_anim2_triangulate.dae"
- Import COLLADA file into blender
- Press Play

Expected Results:
- The model will animate each limb and then the head
- The arms should swing in front of the character
- Legs bend backward
- Head bends backward

Actual Results:
- Each limb bends in the wrong direction

Frequency: constant

Occurs in previous version? No, worked correctly in 2.59.

I've tried on 2 computers. Both running Windows 7 64 bit. Both running Blender 2.60a 64 bit.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275



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Bug fixed in svn revision 44221. Thanks for the report!