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Time remapping not visible on time-line
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If the value of Time Remapping New (on the animation panel, Dimensions) is changed then there is no visual indication of this in the time line. Dragging the time indicator requires a cursor move proportional to the change of the New value w.r.t the Old value, the frame numbers are changed to be those of the new mapping, but the time-line is left in its previous state with keyframes and the time indicator bar left as they were.

Blender 2.59 & 2.60a


To Do

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While this is a bit of a rough edge, this borders more on the "feature request" side than being high priority.

I say this because the global time remapping options should really only be used once you have all your scene timing (in terms of timing of actions relative to each other, within the time period) nutted out already. The idea was to provide a quick and dirty hack to just adjust the speed of the whole scene's timing, as required by a client/director AFTER all the work has already been done. Hence, in such a use-case, the likelyhood of needing to deal with actual timings of keyframes is somewhat secondary.

IIRC, this functionality hadn't even been restored just a few releases ago even. But even then, I don't recall time remapping getting applied at all in the past.

The whole timing system in Blender still needs a good looking at, and this is still one of those areas which does complicate things, to be used in a few rare (but probably as a godsend then) cases.

Added not to our TODO list
Thanks for the report, but closing with TODO resolution now.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) closed this task as Archived.Nov 21 2011, 1:32 PM

I don't think it should be closed. A problem persists when the user is refreshing animation through mouse dragging.
For me, it's the only way to have a full moon cycle preview with a finer (faster) animation of a rotating station.