Volume material preview can't be disabled
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As i was working with volume materials i realised that something is very wrong:

1. Actually the preview takes longer to render then the full scene with the same volume material. (Especially with higher Light Cache values)
2. It will continue to compute the preview, no matter what. Until it is finished it will consume half of the CPU power (multiple cores) of the computer. Hiding the preview does not abort the preview rendering, nor there is some kind of shortcut to stop it.
3. A preview that takes longer then the actual render is no preview. ;-)

I know that this isn't basically a bug and more a feature request. But since it makes working impossible (preview/textures wont update before finish of preview, which in my case took longer then half an hour) and it will constantly consume half of the CPU-power i consider this very well as bug.



Please always attach files which demonstrated problems. I've played with volume materials in default scene and can't say something odd is happening here.

I thought it was obvious enough. Now appended an example file. The right object is already selected. All what is needed is to go to the material tab. It will start creating the preview which takes at least minutes. You can stop the computation if you switch the material type to solid/wire/halo, but if you want to use the volume material you can't do this and will have to wait. In this time you can still save the file, but you wont be able to close blender or open another file until blender is finished.

Indeed, now it's really clear.

Brecht, can you look into this issue? Thanks.

Fix in svn, thanks for the report.