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Shape Keys not working as expected
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Machine - HP p6230y - AMD Phenon II X4 810 Quad Core 8gb memory
Graphics - Nvidia GForce 9500
OS - Ubuntu 11.10
Revision 44297 built with make using all default values

Simple cube added and subdivided several times
Basis Shape key added
First key added "First Shape" and a shape applied (Simple extrusion from the top of the cube)
Second Key added with first key selected and set to zero - still has shape mixed in and not a default value Key name "Not Default"
Third Key added with basis selected and hit the plus sign - still has shape mixed in and not a default value Key name "Not Default.001"
Fourth key added with basis selected and then selecting "New Shape from Mix" Now the key has no values mixed in and is in a default state

This is not behaving as in the past. Sorry if I chose the wrong category but figured tools was the best option atm.

I could not find any posts on this where this is a new way to add shape keys so I expect it is a bug

Hans B Erickson



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OK I did a bit of testing with different revisions and I believe it is a bmesh problem

I used revision 44153 from daily builds and had no issues and was able to add a new empty key without any problem by selecting key 1 and with it set to zero hit the plus sign for a new key which was empty of any influence

then i pulled a build from graphicall revision 44280 which included bmesh from trunk and had the same results as supplied from my example

Hans Erickson

Fixed in svn rev44321. Thanks for the report, closing.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) closed this task as Resolved.Feb 22 2012, 1:12 PM