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Graph view in the Movie Clip Editor does not stay open
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Tested on Windows Vista and Windows 7
blender 2.62 r44136

In the Movie Clip Editor when graph view is opened by the expand button on top (see attachment) Graph view closes when moving to a different frame. With the timeline, frame indicator at the bottom of the Movie Clip Editor, or using the arrow keys; all will close the Graph view. NOT a problem if opened by the button in the header of the Movie Clip Editor.



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Fixed in svn rev44384.
In fact, Graph View wasn't been supposed to be opened in Clip show editor mode. This might be improved, but i want to resolve all this possible issues when will start working on dopesheet-like view for tracking data.
Thanks for the report, closing it now.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) closed this task as Resolved.Feb 23 2012, 7:52 PM