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Define how dynamic destruction of blender objects is handled by the game engine
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Upload
Blender: 2.62
Category: Object
Python: 3.2
Script name: Blender Destructability Editor
Wiki page:
Author(s): scorpion81
Status: Open

The script is able to fracture objects with different methods
-boolean fracture (used with permission from pildanovak)
-explosion modifier
-voronoi and voronoi + boolean fracture (uses external library voro++ with permission of its author Chris Rycroft,
BSD licensed, cythoned and included in source and binary form)
-loose parts (shall be able to use predefined object hierarchies for dynamic destruction in game engine)
-knife option is still included, but is defunct at the moment due to bmesh changes to knife tool
-hierarchical fracture is possible (fracture already fractured objects again)

The game engine part dynamically activates objects near the colliding object. It can take care of hierarchies
or ground connectivity, so that unconnected parts (not connected to ground cells in a connectivity grid) automatically collapse.

- unzip the provided zip file (to be added after contains THIS tracker entry)
- move the "object_destruction" directory below Blender's
"addons_contrib" directory
- when starting your compiled version of blender, under testing there
should be an addon "Object->Destructability Editor", enable it
- under Object tab you should now find a section "Destructability"
- to decompose: best use the default cube, check "Destroyable"
choose a method and part count and hit "Destroy Object"
for pre-cubification: choose "Intersect with Grid": this creates
x*y*z cubes, each one will be further decomposed to the given part
- this may take a while depending on part count and method
- then hit "Setup Player" (at the bottom")
- if desired choose "Calculate Ground Connectivity" and determine a
grid size , used for automatic collapse.
- when using connectivity:
move the "Ground" object to the bottom of the cube, scale it to the
EXACT bottom size, and (IMPORTANT) the UNIFORMLY a bit larger, so it
roughly intersects the cube's bottom
- AFTER all has been arranged, hit: "To Game Parenting", this will undo
parenting and store the parent relation(s) in game properties
so the game engine can re-parent all (otherwise decomposition in game
engine would NOT work
- this takes a while depending on part count and grid size
- when done: optionally move the "Player" object a little away from
the cube
- start game engine, aim with mouse, move camera with WASD and YX (for
up/down), hold left mouse button to increase the fired ball's speed
and release left mouse button to FIRE! (a ball at the cube)
- it should be damaged by now ;-)



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i cannot upload my script to the py upload tracker afterwards (i created the entry before and want to upload a zip now containing the script and corrected file) --> ERROR: Missing Parameters!!

well, Upload DID work now, but unexpectedly only with adding a followup, hmmm, ok.

are there any tuts or wiki's on the new set up. cant seem to get it to set up like it use to. actually it did the first time. but not since . oh well . iys probably my old nemisis patience. ha looks good though in the physics tab . happy blending.

I can't seem to install your addon to blender 2.69. Keeps giving me and error everytime I tick it. Running MacOSx 64-bit. Please help

@jesus lamas (jesus650rwc)

Please try the attached (newer) file. I tested it with official 2.69 under Linux and it worked. Just do "Install from file" with this new zip ...

finally, i was getting somewhat frustrated every time i tried installing an older version of your addon. I didn't know you had a newer file. Thank you @Martin Felke (scorpion81).

Archiving, currently Fracture Modifier branch/patch