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Web3D Import: VRML1 unsupported, should report a warning.
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build: 2.62 official release
os: windows 7 64bit

when i try to import a .wrl file that was exported with Solidworks nothing happens, there is no now object in blender.

i attached a object that was exported from soldiworks so you can try it.



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This file is a VRML1.0 file, the importer only supports VRML2.0.

Keeping this open since we should report on VRML1 rather then failing silently.

aha i see. we checked again the export formats in solidworks and there is a 97 and vrml1.0 export. and it seems the 97 is vmrl2.0 (pretty obvious haha)

noted in tooltip and addon that VRML2 only is supported.