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edit text property bug
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1) Add Text Object
2) Enter non-english text (example: ЫЫЫ)
3) Add Keyboard sensor and Text Property
4) Log Toggle: Text
5) Target: Text
6) Start Game
7) Press Backspace
8) Text replaces to ЫЫ�



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Interesting, the problem also happens in Blender Python Console.
Thus I believe it may not be a BGE specific problem.

I reported the same problem for Blender Python console [#30777]:

I would prefer to see this addressed for the python console first, then we port the fix for the bge.

fixed on rev.45479
thanks for reporting it.
(next time please remember of adding an example file. I had to input the text through the python console - = "ЫЫЫ" ;)

Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) closed this task as Resolved.Apr 9 2012, 3:43 AM