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Absolute Shape Keys not working in 2.6
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Hello, I am trying to convert to Blender 2.62 without success some of my previous models made with Blender 2.49b, and especially some standalone self animated objects using Absolute Shape Keys. It is very frustrating because in the past I mastered AVK and RVK features, and even made some tutorials and assets for others. For example I had made some standalone pedestrians that I packed in a file for Blended Cities script writen by Jérôme Mahieux, aka Littleneo. These characters don't work any more in 2.6x and I can only use Relative Keys.

I spent days trying to rebuild the animations from scratch, but only Relative keys seem to work. I haven't been able to find out a way to use Absolute keys.

I posted about this trouble on, and some people told me that Absolute Shape Keys are broken since Blender 2.58. As I found no informations in Blender 2.6 Wiki manual and forums, as well as in the Bug tracker list, I post the question/report now here.

So, please could you tell me if Absolute Shape Keys are actually known as broken, or if not could you provide me a source of information (link) about that feature ?

Thanks in advance.

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fixed with a number of recent commits.

changes are:
- shape keys now have an `Evaluation Time` property you need to animate (similar to the time IPO).
- new shape keys will use the current `evaluation time` for their position, not the current global frame number.
- there is an operator to reset the time of existing shape keys (small refresh icon that displays when relative is disabled).

test r45413. or newer.


Thank you very much for the answer. I will try with recent revision.

Best regards,