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Lightmap Pack - no new image limit
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Every time you change the "Image Size" value or check/uncheck the "New Image" checkbox when using "Lightmap Pack" a new image will be added, but only if you use Tool Shelf to change the values.

How to reproduce:
- Go into Edit Mode
- UV map (hotkey: U) the mesh using "Lightmap Pack"
- Press the OK button
- Open the Tool Shelf (hotkey: T) or press F6
- Check/uncheck the "New Image" checkbox or change the "Image Size" value (it implies that the New Image checkbox is checked though)

New images will be added as soon as you do any of those two things and a lot of new images can be created in a very short period of time if you press and hold down the mouse button on the "Image Size" slider and move the mouse. It's easiest to see how many new images get created if the "UV/Image Editor" is opened at the same time.

It can also be reproduced in the stable 2.62 (revision 44136) release of Blender.

Blender 2.62.3 revision 45659
Windows 7 Professional x64
AMD HD 6950

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Lightmap unpack uses a button with OK (rather than default redo panel), so as to avoid this problem, but by pressing F6 you manage to cause it, options are to remove register flag. or add another flag to prevent redo.

There's already item in our todo list which is related on redo/undo in edit mode for operator which are modifying non-topology related data from edit mode:
Disabled operator register and redo for lightmap unpack in rev45691.

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