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updates go wrong in special-case of multiple group duplis parented to proxy parented to object.
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Hello, this is complicated to hit, but the simple test file should be clear enough.

We have files where our character is split up to multiple groups (mainly because of the hair) in tube. All groups contain the same rig, which is group-duplicated. we parent the gilga groups to the proxy rig object and all goes well- until we parent that rig to another object (in our case an escalator) . Then updates go badly, in some cases severely messing up the model- until you just click on a bone in the rig, translate and cancel.

In the uploaded test zip, there are two files, grpsrc and grptar. grpsrc defines a very simple group with an armature and a mesh. grptar links in the group. We have:

1- the group duplicator
2- the armature proxy
3- group duplicator is parented to the armature
4- the armture is parented to a plane with some keyframes
5- we duplicate the group duplicator a few times

6-grab the plane and translate it a bit, then cancel. the group duplicator meshes are in the wrong place.
7- click one of the bones and transform it , the groups snap to the correct place.

of course it should never mess up. I'm worried specifically about rendering on our animated scenes.

os: gnu linux 64 bit (ubuntu 12.04 and fedora 17)
mac osx 64 bit


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32-bit Kubuntu 12.04
Intel Core2 Quad Q6600@ 2.40GHz
NVidia 8800 GT - Driver version 295.40
Blender 2.63 r48174

There is some wierd stuff going on here. Not just from transforming the plane, by clicking on frames farther apart the duplicator meshes would move away, then snap back when moving/posing the proxy armature.

Copying groups && proxy - no go still :/

However, I am interested in a bad quick hack to at least solve the lag issues in Blender.
A quick test for you:

source/blender/editors/screen/screen_edit.c: 1868 BKE_scene_update_for_newframe(bmain, scene, layers);

Duplicate this line, that makes animation system called twice. If that works a bit to solve lags in your files, I can think of ways to optimize it.

cool I'll try and report back! currently we hack around with this (thanks to campbell):
(the first update is so that rendernodes fix it on file load, the update handler works for scrubbing/anim/alt-a):

import bpy

# change gilga_PROX_proxy to the name of your proxy to update:
obname = 'gilga_PROX_proxy'[obname].update_tag({'OBJECT'});bpy.context.scene.update()

def group_handler(scene):[obname].update_tag({'OBJECT'});scene.update()

I link to this report in our long depsgraph todo page in wiki here:

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