Forcefield Texture using image file, gradient mode not working
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Blender 2.63.0 r46461 OSX64 Lion

Forcefield, Texture type, Gradient mode, seems not work with image file.

In the attached forceFieldTexture.blend :

layer 1 : ForceField Texture (image file) RGB mode => ok
layer 2 : ForceField Texture (image file) curl mode => ok
layer 3 : ForceField Texture (image file) gradient mode => not working

layer 11 : ForceField Texture (procedural cloud) RGB mode => ok
layer 12 : ForceField Texture (procedural cloud) curl mode => ok
layer 13 : ForceField Texture (procedural cloud) gradient mode => ok



Miika, you've been working on some physics related areas. Maybe you could glance at this report? Thanks!

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