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Edge selection often fails if edge is partially out of view
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If i have relatively long edges and try to select them in 3D view, while only a part of the edge is displayed, then i often have trouble to selecting it. If i zoom out, so that nearly the entire edge is visible, then it isn't a problem. But if I'm close to a surface and the edge extends outside the current view then it strongly depends on the view orientation if i can select the edge or not. This happens to me independent from scale or clipping settings (start/end).

I appended an example file in which i have trouble selecting the edges to illustrate the issue. If I'm as close as in the first screenshot, then i can't select the edge. If i zoom out as shown in the second screenshot i can select them. The object in the file is relative large. But it doesn't matter, since this also happens with small objects if you zoom relatively close to the object. It seams that there is no selection possible if one vertex of the edge is "behind the viewer or view-plane (start)".

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This is confusing but it's kind of known behavior of current selection technique. It could be improved, but real fix would be to finish WIP patch which implements raycast selection.

Thanks for the report, marking as a todo now.

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