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Group Objects "visible" for navmesh-creation
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Since navmesh creation only takes 'real' objects into account and ignores group-instances I tried to
add support for these.

All is done in blender/editors/mesh/mesh_navmesh.c where I bascially repeated the steps done for common objects
for the group-instance and it's object(s). The code is a bit redundant but I got some problems extracting the code for
both object-types and skipped this.... (mainly I got trouble with this bug, which I thought was related to my code: )

Hope this patch is somehow useful.

Keep on rocking, ToM

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Hmm,...actually I don't know how to replace the patch with another version. I had to change how the matrix is calculated as the patch
in version one only worked for certain cases.

Cleaned up function that wasn't used anymore...

I had a quick look.
The duplicated code should go in a static function and yes there is an offset in groups that must be taken into account. You can set the offset in the groups panel when you select one object of the group (look for dupli_offset).
Shouldn't be difficult to add support for it.

Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) closed this task as Archived.Dec 23 2019, 6:48 PM

Hi, thanks for your patch.

We are undergoing a Tracker Curfew where we are automatically closing old patches.

If you think the patch is still relevant please update and re-submit it. For new features make sure there is a clear design from the user level perspective.