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new procedurale texture (lyapunov, dynamic system)
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I coded my old Lyapunov procedurale Texture for fat fractals
directly into blenders svn-trunk, with new functionality,
better usability and excellent node-integration (cycles not yet;).

Examples and docs can be find on my Server:
(screencasts, more renderings and exmaple .blends
will follow soon!)


Sylvio Sell



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Might be worth checking out the new OSL code.

This might be best way to get new textures into Blender.

I finished lyapunov fat fractal proc. texture, now it works with cycles to.

Patch fits on source of blender 2.69-release (i can adapt it for trunk if someone needs),
more builds and examples here:

have a good new year

Thank you, I will check the code and possibilities in the coming days.

Have a good new year too! :)

I ported the code to a .osl shader, so people can quickly test it without having to apply the patch:

Made some small cleanups in the process. Hope I didn't break anything, but it looks fine.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht): Do you think this would be useful for Cycles/BI? Some code changes would be needed for current master + codestyle/cleanup.
For Cycles we could just commit this as a .osl template for the texteditor. Probably would be better, not sure I want to increase GPU kernel size with another procedural.

It gives some beautiful renders, but I wouldn't add it as a builtin texture for Cycles, this seems the kind of thing we have OSL for.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht): Ok, agreed.

@Sylvio Sell (semmi): Would you be fine if this would be commited as a .osl shader template? People could find it in the Text Editor under Templates->Open Shading Language. They can use this with Cycles' Script node then.

I would modify the code a bit still, but it would be basically like you can see in shader_lyapunov.osl above.

Please tell me if your fine with the license header, it's a GPL one atm (the same as in svm_lyapunov.h in your patch/archive).
A Apache 2.0 or no licence header at all would be fine too here, we don't have license headers for the other templates, that's why I ask.

Whichever header it will be, you will of course be named as the author in the.osl file and in the commit message.


If it works same way with OSL in cycles, its cool stuff to.

For cycles-rendering i can keep a separate patch, but i am happy
to see lyapunov be integrated inside good old blender-internal-renderer,
after so long waiting and missing old 2.4-texture-plugin for that kind of stuff.

OSL looks interesting, i wanna migrate some other old textures ->

Its much fun to mix all that texture-nodes together ;)
-> yesterday.. with magic+voroni+musgrave+lyapunovs.. it gaves tasteful soup:
(with upcomming volume rendering inside cycles.. all will be fantastic^3)

License: GPL is ok,
i changed something of author-description in following files:

(changed author description and default parameters)
(added author)

volumetric with cycles works good to ... thank you all!
12 times faster with gpu to find good looking motiv into fractalset 8-o~^

Thomas Dinges (dingto) removed Thomas Dinges (dingto) as the assignee of this task.

Commited the OSL version now to master, thanks!

Blender Internal is kind of unmaintained when it comes to new functionality, but maybe someone is interested to review your patch and add it to BI still. :)

fixing lyapunov-patch to fit into 2.70

Works great with new cycles volume shading (thanks to all developers for that nice thing!)
(first rendering here -> :)

that volume-shader-tool ist really fast to visualize lyapunovs sets
,,,, 1 simple mathematically formular can iterate up to that kind of nice looking picts ;)
maybe you can maintain it for me \o/

hi all :)=
recoded and optimized lyapunov.osl shader for better control and node-integration:

code maintenance here:
(first demo-anim: ;)

That looks interesting. I will check and can update the lyapunov shader that we bundle with Blender. :)

put on new patch (lyapunow + some extra mandelbrot sugar [called "bulb"] ;)
-> here ->

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