Save a Copy during F12 Cycles Render produces black image
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Blender 2.64 RC2 (and recent BuildBot builds) are producing black images when the Save a Copy or Save as Image option is used during a long running F12 Cycles render. Image saves correctly if rendering is stopped first. This behavior does not occur in Blender 2.63a. Behavior is similar regardless of CPU or GPU rendering.

Repro steps:
1) Load Mike Pan's BMW .blend (attached for convenience)
2) Select Cycles render engine
3) Select CPU for Render Device
4) Hit F12
5) While rendering samples, in UV / Image Editor, choose Save a Copy from the Image Menu
6) Choose PNG under Save as Image, provide a file name, click Save as Image button
7) Open file to experience black image

Apologies if this is a feature of some new default setting. Searches through bugs and Blenderartists didn't turn up anything obvious.



Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. GPUs are NVIDIA NVS 4200M and GTX 670.

Save image while rendering isn't going to work reliably - buffers are being written to, its just not something we can properly support.

Disabled r50933, closing.

I've just updated to blender 2.64 and i miss "save as" and "save a copy" during long still renders with cycles - i use it for automated backing up rendering progress and it really saves time sometimes!

"Save image while rendering isn't going to work reliably"
Is this stability issue, or accuracy issue? If you can display it during the render why not to save as image?
And so this won't be a feature anymore?