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Do not recalculate normals when rendering.
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Patch introducing a switch which prevents the recalculation of mesh normals when rendering.

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Please, please, please include this patch into trunk!

This would be very useful for game devs. who are making foliage. Please merge to trunk :)

And even more important for rendering models coming from CAD packages.

One of our users found a case where the normals are recalculated even with the patch.
So I am working on an enhanced patch now.
I will merge to trunk as soon as I am successful.

It is global preference switch?
I think better solution is to make switch within mesh RNA, so both auto recalculated and manual normals mesh objects will be possible in scene.

Now I had the time to enhance the patch. Normals will now be preserved when switching to the edit mode, too. I will attach the new patch file.

I am very new in Blender. So I do not know what Mr. Caslava means with "I think better solution is to make switch within mesh RNA ...". So i still have a global preference switch for preserving the original normals.

Furthermore I have made the changes in Blender 2.63a.
Can anybody help me with merging to trunk?

I can see this functionality is useful but a proper implementation is more complicated than this patch.

* This shouldn't be a user preference, but rather a setting on a mesh datablock.
* This patch only modifies two functions, I don't think this will reliably disable normal map calculation in all places and will still calculate them when needed. Did you go over all mesh related tools and check if they work as expected with this patch?
* New vertices or faces should still get their normals calculated?
* There shouldn't be printf debug messages left in the patch

1. I'm new to Blender. Is there an example how to add a new setting to the mesh datablock?

2. I haven't checked all Blender source (i'm a newbie). We have only used the patched Blender intensively.

3. If this can happen, then I have to check, if normals already exist or not.

4. Sorry.

What must I provide? How can we proceed?

I'm also interested in this patch, if any bump is worth the effort.

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Thinks it’s time to archive, we have custom normals support (internal/cycles included) incoming now…