Set parent to - Armature deform - With automatic weights
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Hi there,
I hit at some problem with automatic weight.
To simulate my approach:
- create mesh1
- create armature
- set armature in Display B-Bone and with CTRL+ALT+S scale B-Bones to fit mesh1
- select mesh1, then with SHIFT select armature and hit CTRL+P
- in dropdown select "With automatic weights"
- then select armature, go to "pose mode" and rotate some bone, best is some of finger bones.

I use windows 8 pro 64bit
blender r51232 from oficial donload site

Now i've tested it in 2.57 r36147 and it works just fine. So there must be bug somewhere in 2.6X

See attached file below.



Thanks for the clear example. Issue confirmed (2.57 is good, current version not).
Will be on my list to check!

This file won't load faces in 2.61 or older, then only edges are being read. That gives nice vgroups in 2.57 (and 2.61).
However, if you would load this in 2.62 and save (that version has compatibility code) things read OK and go bad in 2.57 as well.

We're trying to figure out why - but there's something in this setup that causes "auto vgroups with heat" to not work.

Found it - the arm has been triple negative scaled! Apply size, editmode to set normals correct, and it works.
This system uses face normals to work correct, and they were pointing inside - but the negative scale was hiding that.

Will add a todo ticket for this - also for riggers to notify. Negative scaled objects will always give you issues for rigging in general - avoid it.

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Thanks a lot.
I've try it, and it works. I'm sure, that i most definitely tried "Apply Rotation", maybe even "Scale", but "Recalculating normals" doesn't cross my mind.
Thanks alot again, you're lifesaver.
Respectfully JP