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resizing window on linux messes up interface layout
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Xubuntu 12.10 64-bit
Blender 2.64a 64-bit, downloaded from site

Attached is a video of the problem and computer specs.

Basically resizing the blender window messes up the UI. Hard to explain, but you'll see its behavior in the video.
Happened on laptop and desktop computer, both with nvidia drivers.

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This is a long standing known issue. It's been on todo for a while now as you can see here:

Basically it comes down to blender not storing small changes in it's area scaling because it uses integers. This in combination with the area snapping to 4 pixel increments creates this disappearing screen area problem on the right side. I was working in this area of the code a long time ago but couldn't really get any patches applied because the code was pretty much unmaintained at the time, so I moved on.

Probably not too hard of a fix by itself, but consider the other issues with scaling, such as going from a small window to maximized state scales up the top file menu so it wastes space, or how scaling in general doesn't consider the desired size of areas or regions. All of these issues, I think, mean a strong reworking of how scaling works could be in order. If/when that happens the goal should be to fix all these issues. In reality, it's probably not high priority for any main devs, as most of these issues are superficial and can be avoided/fixed easily by the user.

Thanks for the report, and for taking the time to make the video. I added this report to the wiki next to the others, so it could be marked as todo/closed.

Yep it's an issue since blender 1.0.
In practical use cases, not scaling down windows tiny and back large is easy to avoid - so it never had a high priority. It's still a valid todo though.

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