FBX Exporter is Exporting un-keyframed Bones in Actions
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The FBX exporter is exporting information for un-keyframed bones. Say I only make keyframes in an action to move the mouth of a character. I then export the whole model with the animations. The resulting file will have all the keyframes for the "MoveMouth" action, but it will have single, "starting keyframes" for all other bones that weren't keyframed for the MoveMouth Action (feet, elbows, ect.) It gets these "starting keyframes" from previous actions in the action list. So, if above in the list I have the "Run" action, the "MoveMouth" animation will have the character frozen in the last frames of the Run action. The mouth still moves, but the rest of the character is stuck in the previous action's last frames.

This is only a problem when importing into Unity. I'm very certain this is a bug as I've tried multiple versions of blender (2.49b, 2.60) All that really needs to be fixed is the "taking keyframes from previous animations to fill the non-keyframed spots in the current action being exported." It should only be exporting the keyframes that were actually set by the user for that action, right? I've had this bug for almost a year now. I've tried editing the FbxExport script to try to fix it myself, but any edits I make break it for some reason. If you have any more questions or would like me to explain it further, feel free to drop me an email at (IMAUSTYN@me.com)

Mac OS: 10.6.8
Blender: 2.49b, 2.60 (Not installed at the same time, just the versions I've tested)

Blender is a great program and I'm hoping to get this fixed up so I won't have to switch software. (I really like Blender's controls) =)


To Do

Hi, the reason keyframes are written for all bones its that even if the bone isnt animated it may move for some other reason.

- It may have constraints applied so other bones influence its motion or it could be driven too...

But its reasonable to detect a bone that doesnt move at all and not write any keyframes for it. assigning to myself.

Checked on adding this but its made more complicated that bones may not be in their rest state, currently having a keyframe at the start resolves this issure.

Moving to TODO: