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Texture fonts not working in single and multitexture mode.
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Category: Rendering

Since Blender 2.63 texture fonts are not working. It look like they are using vertex colors. After a restart of Blender the colors are changing.
Since Blender 2.65 the multitexture mode has the same problem, if the alpha is enabled in the texture panel.

Blender 2.63 singletexture mode not working
Blender 2.65 single and multitexture mode not working

Windows XP 32 bit
Nvidia GeForce GTX 460

Event Timeline

I made a patch, that brings back the original functionality from blender 2.62 (before Bmesh).
The patch doesn't fix any of the other material or bitmap font bugs.

Add new patch that change the function back GetMCol(void) back to const and update the patch to work with the actual trunk.

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Closed by commit rB82313b4fc4ab.