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Panning with trackpad reversed in 2.66, not configurable
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--- Operating System, Graphics card ---
Macbook Pro Retina, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

--- Blender version with error, and version that worked ---
Problem started with 2.66

--- Short description of error ---
Panning with the trackpad has been reversed and there does not seem to be a way to revert it back.
In 2.65, I can pan by using two fingers on the trackpad. If I move my fingers to the right, the scene moves to the left.
In 2.65, now panning is done with Shift + two finger movement on trackpad. If I move my fingers to the right, the scene objects move to the left.

--- Steps for others to reproduce the error (preferably based on attached .blend file) ---



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Panning in Blender is set to follow your OSX default. If you set it to use "natural scroll" this gets inverted in Blender too.

If you set natural scroll in OSX, just also use the userpref for "Natural scroll", which corrects some cases where natural scroll won't work (like for rotate, menu item scroll, lists, etc).

Also note that pan/zoom in 2.65 and before was inconsistent, some editors did 'natural', others the inverse. Pan in 3d also was not smooth (went in steps) and would switch to zoom if you do faster pan movements (the "kinetic" scroll feature of osx).

Ton Roosendaal (ton) closed this task as Invalid.Feb 24 2013, 1:16 PM

Hi Ton. No, I don't use natural scroll feature in OS X. If I set that OS X pref, panning direction goes back to what it was in 2.65, that is, it works exactly as panning with a middle mouse button. But then rotation is the exact opposite to what it is using the middle mouse button, so it's not workable. There is no single combination of preferences that will make rotation and panning consistent. I think in this case Blender is in fact doing the exact opposite of what other OS X apps do with the natural option. Natural scrolling drives me crazy and I could not turn it on OS wide, and now with Blender I have to think about rotation and panning in completely opposite ways. That is, there is no option to have, without natural scrolling set, the following:

1. rotating with trackpad, moving my fingers down moves the object in view in such a way that I see more of its top, as if I was dragging it with my fingers
2. panning with track, moving my fingers to the left the object moves to the left, as if I was dragging it with my fingers.

Right now, if I have one, I get the opposite of 2, so it feels very, very wrong.

For people who like natural scroll, we have a user preference to invert things like rotate. I mentioned this before.

For people (most of them) who use inverted scrolling, it's now consistent in all of blender for panning everywhere.
Apart from "I got used to it" there's no rationale for doing this different in every editor or program... I do agree it was feeling weird at first too.

Just try this: make a screen layout with 3d window in ortho view, an image view, timeline, and long list of buttons. This panning consistency is really not bad. (Apart from that you have to hold shift in 3d, but that's what you can change in keymap prefs).
It's mostly for 3d view in perspective where it "feels" strange a bit. Nobody knows why - apart from acquired habits based on past conventions.

In the past months I worked with the active mac users who are involved on finetuning this (and zoom direction, etc), and the current way was approved by the testers.
It works same for Magic Mouse as well btw.

Of course there's always the possibility to make this per editor configurable as well. I also know some people prefer to have 2-finger swipe to be zoom instead.
I will keep that topic on my attention list and see what to further tweak here to get everyone happy with it.

I think I can now phrase my bug in a different way that you'll agree on:

- Setting Natural scroll user preference affects rotation, but NOT panning. Panning is always in the same direction no matter what. No matter what I do, shift + two fingers moving to the right will always move objects to the left.

We posted on same time btw.

The natural scroll preferences is only meant to work if your system is set to natural scrolling.

>> It's mostly for 3d view in perspective where it "feels" strange a bit. Nobody knows why - apart from acquired habits based on past conventions.

This is not hard to explain. Just compare to what you would do if the object was floating in front of you and you manipulate it with your fingers. If you move it to the right, you expect it to move to the right. If you put your finger on the top of the object to rotate it, and drag it down, you expect it to tilt such that you see the top.

As for the natural scroll preference, it does reverse rotation even if I don't have natural scrolling enabled. So you'll have to give me that at least that is not consistent with what you said, that it is only meant to work if natural scrolling is set.

It is *only* meant to work with natural scroll set. Precisely what you say. Check the tooltip for it.

Further, all editing in blender uses translation following mouse/trackpad motion. And still, people expect that views move in opposite direction.

Oh well. I'm going to make a video of the inconsistency between using Blender with the mouse, magic mouse and trackpad and will post it on the developer mailing list. I think we are not understanding each other here with only words. If you see what I'm experiencing and think this is what you expect (I suspect you are thinking that it does something different to what it does on my system), I can do the work to fix it. But I wouldn't even try to work on this if you are opposed in principle to making the 3D view work naturally, like it already does with the mouse.

Hi, Guys!

I just create a solution for this natural scrolling problem. You just need to install free keyremap4macbook app -> in preferences search for Blender -> check the box for the action you want. I hope the developer guy will add this setting as a default soon. But if don't, do it manually. In app preferences choose Misc&Uninstall and click on Open private.xml. Open this file in TextEdit -> Select all -> Delete -> Paste the script below and save with the same extension type. Then back in preferences choose Change Key and click on ReloadXML. Now the settings should be added and you could find them in the settings list. Vola! Now open Blender and enjoy native scroll.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<name>Flip Horizontal and Vertical ScrollWheel at Blender</name>
<name>Flip Horizontal ScrollWheel at Blender</name>
<name>Flip Vertical ScrollWheel at Blender</name>

I have MagicMouse and how can I find Edit > Preferences > ??? on flip scroll up and down and left and right make rotate view 3D?
Not talk about ZOOM
I talk about Rotate view 3D
MacOS 10.14.2
Blender 2.80 last download January 17, 2019

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