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Scale node in compositor crops the image
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--- Operating System, Graphics card ---
Linuxmint 14, blender 56894

Open the atached blend file and you see it is going to render a 200x300 image.
You see the camera in one of the 3DView and the cube is seen completely by the camera.

In the compositor the render result is scaled 2x then blurred and then scaled down to the original 200x300.
But what happens is different when you press F12: It scales the image but doesn't grow the image size.

I read the wiki just in case this was not a bug "but the way it works in blender" and the wiki says:
"This node scales the size of an image. Scaling can be either absolute or relative. If Absolute toggle is on, you can define the size of an image by using real pixel values. In relative mode percents are used."

So you can try Absolute and enter in the first Scale node the values:

and it doesn't scale to that image size but keeps the image size scaling the content (and croping the image).

This is very need because for example to get rid of noise a very useful trick is to scale the image, then blur it, and then resize again to original size.
I tried in blender internal and in cycles and the bug is in both.

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In Blender the render size is the size you get as output. Whatever you scale in node trees gets applied (cropped, inserted) to that size,
If you want larger images, set render size to be large. Blender compositor is an extension of our render pipeline, animation frames by definition are always the same size.

This is an issue we like to work on though, it's called "Canvas awareness" for compositor, where you can define a different output size for it than renders, and transform the renders inside the canvas freely.

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