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Dynamic Paint delete texture from smoke domain
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--- Win 8, GFX Titan---

--- 2.68.2 r59227 ---

--- When I want to paint something ony with smoke (or fire), I uncheck one of the texture from the material. If I bake image sequence, save and quit - this unchecked texture is deleted. ---

1. Open blender file.
2. There's domain (Brush) and Suzanne (Canvas)
3. Go domain, Material->Texture. Uncheck one of the textures (smoke or fire).
4. Go Suzanne, Physics-> Dynamic Paint Output-> Hit Bake Image Sequence.
5. Save, quit.
6. Reopen file. Texture that you unchecked is gone.

It doesn't matter if you recheck that texture after Baking Image Sequence. If you save and quit, blender will remember this as a texture being deleted.

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