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Customize keytype Color
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I've made a little modification to enable the customization of the keyframes color, separatly in "keyframe", "extreme","jitter","breakdown" and also for customize the keyframe border color, normal and selected.

I uploaded few screenshots and an example file to show the change made.

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Assigning to self.

venomgfx had a similar patch a few years ago, but that overlooked a few things, so I didn't apply it at the time (and then got busy). Will try to check on this sometime soon :)

Ok, I've taken a look at the patch. IMO, there are a few things which need to be fixed before this can be applied.

Fixes Required:

  1. It would be better if the selected and unselected colours for key types could be set independently instead of being automatically determined by a hardcoded metric. (See point 2)
  2. Do not change the default colours in use already. This applies particularly for selected vs unselected ("normal") keyframes, and for the selected keyframe borders.
  3. The RNA names for these settings aren't good ("KeyType" is too obscure jargon).
    • Change these to something like: "Keyframe" and "Breakdown Keyframe", etc.
    • Don't go changing the capitalisation of the names! Use the names as they are shown in the other menus
  4. The same goes for the tooltips; drop the "KeyType" prefixes and adjust these to match the property names

Please submit a revised patch containing these fixes and/or a screenshot showing the default colours of keyframes after those changes.

Thanks for your efforts so far :)


I've made the fixes required, I hope the text from points 3 and 4 be better now. I upload the patch, and 2 screenshots with the default colours.

Thanks to you for review it so fast

Ok, I've tested your patch. I've found 2 bugs which need to be fixed:

  1. The version patch for old theme files is wrong. The place you've put it will end up skipping userpref files saved with current trunk (2.69.3)
  1. You also need to specify the keyframe border colours for the NLA editor, where the keyframe drawing code is used for drawing the keyframe indicators in the "tweaking track"


One small question, in the NLA editor the keys never will be printed as selected, isn't it?

It's to include the border color selected or not. I think it's not necessary


I just got back from vacation in Hong Kong :)

In the NLA Editor, only the plain border colour will be used/needed. Selection status and fill colours are not drawn.

Joshua Leung (aligorith) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Jan 17 2014, 3:09 AM


I've gone ahead and committed your patch to Git, along with a followup patch for a few more issues I hadn't noticed before.

Congratulations and thanks for your hard work :)