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Blender 2.69 in sculpt mode crashes by using topology -> "enable dynamic"
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System Information
WIN 8.1 x64

Blender Version
Broken: Blender 2.69 r60995

If i want to use the "enable dynamic" command in sculpt mode Blender crashes down without any failure message. The Blend-File is ready to try and was downloaded from Blendswap (the author of the Blend is DennisH2010)



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Works fine here on linux, anyone on windows to check?

Works fine on Windows 7 here at work. Seems to work on OS X too. Don't have access to Windows 8.1 though

Tested on my Laptop Radeon HD5650 1GB Core I7 Windows 8.1 64 bit

I get only slowness but that it is from video card being... laptop card. No crash!

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Please mention which graphics card you are using. Upgrading to the latest graphics driver may also help.

Hello, i have an ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series with 2 GByte VRAM. The driver is up to date. I have deinstallate Blender complete and reinstalled. But the failure is the same. It is possible that my card is "to old" ? I`ve buyed it at 2007. But many Thanks for your efforts.

Enabling dynamic topology forces VBOs to ON. Can you check whether enabling VBOs in user preferences also leads to crash?

I`ve "VBOs" set to on. But Blender crashes immediately after pressing "Enable Dynamic".

Perhaps i make a mistake but i do the following :

  1. Open Blender 2.69
  2. I add a Multiresolution modifier to the cube
  3. 1x pressing "subdivide" in the Multires modifier -> Preview = Sculpt = Render = 1
  4. I`m going to the sculpt mode
  5. In the "Topology" i`m pressing "Enable Dynamic"
  6. Blender crashes down

I have disabled all addons - Still Blender crashes
VBOs are on - no enhancement
I have 10x divided the cube so that it has a lot of faces - Blender crashes
I have 4x subdivided (in the Multires modifier) the cube - Blender crashes down.

I have no idea what i can do.

Can't reproduce here (Ubuntu 64 bit NVIDIA 540 GM)

Hello, i have a new information because i have found a crash information vom Blender. In the txt-file is written :

Blender 2.69 (sub 0), Revision: 60995

bpy.ops.sculptmode_toggle() # Operator

I hope someone can used it for finding the failure.

Best wishes to christmas, Mikel007

To get a meaningful crash log you need a debug build of blender. May be good to be able to provide those in buildbot for windows users, though the stack report is incomplete there still if memory serves right.

Hello, here the newest infos of this problem. I havew downgraded from WIN 8 to WIN 7 (x64 :-) ). And the problem is solved. It seems that my 5 year old grahpic card is "to old" for WIN 8. I have observed that WIN 8 had delete the original drivers and used his own drivers. It looks that Blender can`t handle this. In my opinion with this informations can anyone close this task. With best wishes for a good new year 2014,


I found a fix for this issue for my old laptop. The standard driver shipped with Windows 8.x apparently has a bug (which also affects Minecraft and their huge userbase). The issue with my Mobile Intel 4 Series on board graphics card was solved by downgrading the driver. Intel doesn't support these drivers anymore so no updates from that side, but the old driver does work.

I followed these instructions:

and now i can dynamic sculpt in Blender, woohoow!

Several other drivers are listed in the comments of above video.

For original poster, there's a video for ATI here

Use at your own risk, I didn't upload these executables and don't know if they are thrustworthy.

Hope this helps some on older hardware to get dynamic sculpting to work.

Hello, i also have problem with Enable Dynamic. on my laptop as well as on pc.
PC specs:
Athlon 64 3500+
Radeon hd 3850
2gb ram

actually, version 2.73 doesnt even start (crash to desktop after opening blender) but if i open any blend file, it runs ok (but enable dynamic crash still remains)

Is there any posibility for me to learn blender ?

The combination of your symptoms means you have to update your graphics driver.

I installed new catalyst yesterday, but i will check this again, perhaps i did something wrong! Thanks for v.quick answer!

Oh, i forgot to mention that im using Win XP pro sp3.

Can you open blender 2.72 and check your openGL version from the system_info.txt file from the help menu? (Go to Help Menu -> system info to generate the file and open it from the drop down menu in a blender text editor footer menu).

This crash comes from the fact that the GPU driver does not support OpenGL 1.5, so you must check that file and see what OpenGL version it reports.
If it's less than 1.5 (1.1 for instance) and the vendor of the driver is not ATI then there may be some issue with your driver installation (according to the specifications, your PC should support OpenGL 2.0). If the number is 1.5 and higher then there must be some bug in the driver - we can't do much in this case.

Good news is that blender 2.74 will startup correctly, but dyntopo will still not work.

I found system info in help menu, but when i click text editor, nothing happens, sorry im not advanced in this type of things

Got it!


renderer: 'GDI Generic'
vendor: 'Microsoft Corporation'
version: '1.1.0'

		'GL_WIN_swap_hint GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_paletted_texture'

Implementation Dependent OpenGL Limits:

Maximum Fixed Function Texture Units: 0

is that enough information?

From the list of

"renderer: 'GDI Generic'
vendor: 'Microsoft Corporation'
version: '1.1.0'"

It means that the driver of your video card did not install!

I guess you don`t know that series under HD5x have been dropped in new drivers by AMD that means "Radeon hd 3850" it is no more supported by the manufacturer aka outdated hardware.

You can try Linux on it some Ubuntu/Debian and "maybe" some opengl opensource driver enable hardware , or find a very old driver for Windows XP for your hardware from videocard manufacturer (aka not AMD) driver cd (the one in the box of your videocard)

3X /4X series were dropped 2 years ago or so.

Yes it is. Obviously your driver is not installed correctly for some reason - see the "vendor: Microsoft Corporation" line? It means that you are not using acceleration for your ATI card, otherwise the vendor would be ATI something and your version 2.0 or 2.1.

I can't help you more though as this is not a blender issue - install a driver for your graphics card correctly - HD 3850 should have no problem in fully supporting blender.

Thank you for your help! i installed this hotfix driver, but openGL still remains on 1.1.0.
Maybe i should update something else? Fpr example in my hardware list i see Controlers SCSI and RAID with yellow warning sign on it.
actually i dont know what this controller is but maybe thats the case? My motherboard is ASUS m2n-e. I dont want to waste more of your time, you helped me allready, but if you know what may be the problem here, i will be grateful! :)

Hi, I'm afraid we can't help you, this is not a general support place, we only handle blender bugs here.

Understood. One day it will work (possibly when i get new pc) im sure. I appreciate your answers and help!

It can be that your pc motherboard has fried some capacitors (that means will crack in next year) or your videocard 3D engine it is burned.

You better build yourself a new pc with minimum : Intel Core I3/I5 last generation 3 ghz + minimum , gigabyte motherboard with latest PCI express 3.0 16x and a videocard from the range of Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 / 750 / 980 2gb (or the expensive Quadro series ... but that it is only if you want overkill ... a Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 can be 150 euro on market) of video ram and 1 ghz video processor speed. Why Nvidia ? Because drivers don`t fail and Cycles works flawless with CUDA.

From this list you can get the idea that for a 3D computer graphics program like Blender 3D you need a medium "gaming rig" that runs "starcraft II at high definition"

My rig is : Core I5 3.2 ghz /Gigabyte maniboard/ 8 Gb ram / Geforce GTX 650 4 gb VRAM /300 gb hdd (the lowest item fromt he rig) and that is on the lowest price I could go down. I call it minimum.

Videocard it is the most taxed part of the hardware in Blender 3D modeling environment. Intel processor it is stable on long haul offline rendering so for better render time it needs a better CPU.

So take this in account when you make/buy new pc.

Yes, definitely! I must refresh it all :D
Thanks for your help!