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Array Modifier
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This is a modifier proposed by ideasman which duplicates the base object
multiple times.

Each duplicate is offset from the previous one by a transformation composed of
any combination of the following factors:
* a constant offset
* a scaled offset (calculated from the base object's width)
* a transformation taken from another object (this can become very interesting)

The array can determine the number of duplicates in one of the following ways:
* a fixed number of duplicates
* calculate the number of duplicates to fit within a fixed length
* calculate the number of duplicates to fit within the length of a Curve object

This modifier can produce useful effects very quickly - see:
Both produced with just a few minutes of playing around.

Because the mesh is dynamically updated as the scene is edited, it is easy to
tweak the result until it is exactly as desired - see this editing example:

This modifier can also speed up the workflow when using scene layout techniques
such as those described here:

A patch file is attached.