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Presets & ID browser. Move + and x into the menu
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In Blender, there are several menus that allow you to add/removed items from it.
For each of these menus, we currently place a + and an x button next to it to add or remove items from the menu.

The issue
The problem with this is that it adds considerable clutter in the UI. While a menu is conceptually one thing, the + and x makes it seem like many things. Was this only in one menu it could be ok, but these menus appear many places throughout the UI, and the net effect is loads of these tiny + and x buttons. Also, when hitting the X, it's not so clear that the item is removed, because you have no overview of the list when hitting the X.

Proposed solution

Move + and x buttons inside the menus.


  • Much less clutter throughout the UI
  • Saves space
  • It's faster to delete specific items, because you don't need to switch to it first
  • It's clearer that the + buttons adds a new item, because you can see it immediately in the list
  • Removing items is also clearer. When hitting the X inside the menu, you see the item being removed from the list

To clarify the effect of hitting the plus or minus icons, we could add colours on rollover, like so:

Moving Example:
(click to view)

Event Timeline

I agree, this is a good idea.

For a fast workflow it would be cool though, if we can have a "+" short cut when the mouse is above the ID Template.
For things like Scenes/Screens this is not a common operation, but for Materials for example, this would add some overhead otherwise.
1 Click would become: 1 Click -> Move Mouse -> 1 Click.

@Thomas Dinges (dingto): Yes that might be a good idea. Alternatively, we could place the plus at the top of the menu rather than the bottom. That way it would not move down with the list, so you could keep clicking + + + + + + + quickly to add seven items.

Like so:

Yes, that looks better.

Moving example:

I like this idea, it's a very elegant solution to the current problem.

Are there plans to tackle other buttons beside the + and x? There are menus in Blender that have more than + and x buttons next to them, such as F (fake user) and the button showing current datablock's users. I think these share the same problems + and x have, namely being disconnected from the menu. Even with only + and x moved it will already be an improvement, but it won't completely solve the UI clutter with some of the other menus.

This looks great! Even if it require one more click to add item to list it looks far more intuitive and clean. For me this is fair trade off.

I got one small concern. Clicking plus icon right now copy current selected item and create new with same settings (in materials for example). We need somehow tell user that clicking plus do this action instead of just adding new item with default settings. Not sure "Copy" text will be good for that because it can be mistaken with item names. Maybye tooltip can solve this. Something like "Add copy of selected [item type]" will be clear enough.

By the way, current tooltip for plus icon tells "Add a new material" which is not exactly true because it copy selected material.

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