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Update and Create Necessary Icons
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There are many operators and other interface element across the board that need either updated icons or new icons entirely. Often this is due to duplicate usage of the same icon (such as Render and OpenGL Render).

This is a parent task to begin collecting tasks for necessary icon updates.

Note: we do not currently have an icon designer that's available, and so I've set this to low priority until we're able to give it some real attention. If you wish to take a shot at icons feel free to submit patches for review.



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The first subtask would need to be a list of needed icons. It's hard to take a shot at making them without an idea what icons to make in the first place.

@Matjaž Lamut (lamoot) I had the same problem, so I created this list myself just as I mentioned to @Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski)

Probably it would be a better idea to place this table somewhere else, not in a comment like this, because afaik I'm the only one beside the Module Owners who can change it afterwards, however at least we have one now.

These are the Icons have to be done ASAP for the 2.70+ release

Category -> Icon NameReferenceAssignedApproved
location and namethe same functionality used elsewheredesignerstatus
Object Mode Tabs -> Tools
[TAB]: Tools---
Transform -> Translate-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Transform -> Rotate-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Transform -> Scale-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Transform -> Mirror-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Duplicate-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Duplicate Linked-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Join-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Delete-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Set Origin -> Geometry to Origin-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Set Origin -> Origin to Geometry-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Set Origin -> Origin to 3D Cursor-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Set Origin -> Origin to Cneter of Mass-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Smooth-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Edit -> Flat-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
History -> Undo-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
History -> Redo-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
History -> Undo History-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
History -> Repeat Last-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
History -> (Repeat) History...-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Object Mode Tabs -> Create
[TAB]: Create---
Mesh -> Plane--DONE
Mesh -> Cube--DONE
Mesh -> Circle--DONE
Mesh -> UV Sphere--DONE
Mesh -> Ico Sphere--DONE
Mesh -> Cylinder--DONE
Mesh -> Cone--DONE
Mesh -> Torus--DONE
Curve -> Curve--DONE
Curve -> Circle--DONE
Curve -> Path--DONE
Lamp -> Point--DONE
Lamp -> Sun--DONE
Lamp -> Spot--DONE
Lamp -> Hemi--DONE
Lamp -> Area--DONE
Other -> Text--DONE
Other -> Armature--DONE
Other -> Lattice--DONE
Other -> Empty--DONE
Other -> Camera--DONE
Object Mode Tabs -> Relations
[TAB]: Relations---
Group -> New Group---
Group -> Add to Active---
Group -> Remove from Group---
Parent -> Set---
Parent -> Clear---
Object Dara -> Link Data---
Object Dara -> Make Single User---
Linked Objects -> Make Local---
Linked Objects -> Make Proxy---
Object Mode Tabs -> Animation
[TAB]: Animation---
Keyframes -> Insert---
Keyframes -> Remove---
Motion Paths -> Calculate---
Motion Paths -> Clear---
Action -> Bake Action---
Object Mode Tabs -> Physics
[TAB]: Physics---
Add/Remove -> Add Active---
Add/Remove -> Add Passive---
Add/Remove -> Remove---
Object Tools -> Change Shape---
Object Tools -> Calculate Mass---
Object Tools -> Copy from Active---
Object Tools -> Apply Transformation---
Object Tools -> Bake To Keyframes---
Constraints -> Connect---
Object Mode Tabs -> Grease Pencil
[TAB]: Grease Pencil---
Measure -> Ruler/Protactor---
Edit Mode Tabs -> Tools
[TAB]: ToolsObject Mode Tabs -> Tools -> [TAB]: Tools--
Transform -> TranslateObject Mode Tabs -> Tools -> Transform -> Translate--
Transform -> RotateObject Mode Tabs -> Tools -> Transform -> Rotate--
Transform -> ScaleObject Mode Tabs -> Tools -> Transform -> Scale--
Transform -> Shrink/Fatten-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Transform -> Push/Pull-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Mesh Tools -> Deform -> Slide Edge-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Mesh Tools -> Deform -> Vertex-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Mesh Tools -> Deform -> Noise-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Mesh Tools -> Deform -> Smooth Vertex-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Extrude Region-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Extrude Individual-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Extrude -> Region-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Extrude -> Region (Vertex Normals)-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Extrude -> Individual / Individual Faces-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Extrude -> Edges Only-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Extrude -> Vertices Only-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Subdivide-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Loop Cut and Slide-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Duplicate-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Spin-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Screw-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Knife-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Select-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Kinfe Project-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Add -> Bisect-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Vertices-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Edges-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Faces-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Only Edges & Faces-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Only Faces-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Dissolve Vertices-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Dissolve Edges-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Dissolve Faces-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Limited Dissolve-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Edge Collapse-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Delete -> Edge Loop-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Merge -> At First-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Merge -> At Last-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Merge -> At Center-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Merge -> At Cursor-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Merge -> Collapse-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Remove -> Remove Doubles-@Peter Varo (petervaro)WIP
Repeat -> Repeat Last---
Repeat -> (Repeat) History...Object Mode Tabs -> Tools -> History -> History...--
Edit Mode Tabs -> Create
[TAB]: CreateObject Mode Tabs -> Create -> [TAB]: Create--
Primitives -> PlaneObject Mode Tabs -> Create -> Mesh -> Plane-DONE
Primitives -> CubeObject Mode Tabs -> Create -> Mesh -> Cube-DONE
Primitives -> CircleObject Mode Tabs -> Create -> Mesh -> Circle-DONE
Primitives -> UV SphereObject Mode Tabs -> Create -> Mesh -> UV Sphere-DONE
Primitives -> Ico SphereObject Mode Tabs -> Create -> Mesh -> Ico Sphere-DONE
Primitives -> CylinderObject Mode Tabs -> Create -> Mesh -> Cylinder-DONE
Primitives -> ConeObject Mode Tabs -> Create -> Mesh -> Cone-DONE
Primitives -> TorusObject Mode Tabs -> Create -> Mesh -> Torus-DONE
Special -> Grid--DONE
Special -> Monkey--DONE
Edit Mode Tabs -> Shading / UV
[TAB]: Shading / UV---
Shading -> Shading -> SmoothObject Mode Tabs -> Tools -> Edit -> Shading -> Smooth--
Shading -> Shading -> FlatObject Mode Tabs -> Tools -> Edit -> Shading -> Flat--
Shading -> Normals -> Recalculate---
Shading -> Normals -> Flip Direction---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Unwrap---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Smart UV Project---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Lightmap Pack---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Follow Active Quads---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Cube Projection---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Cylinder Projection---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Sphere Projection---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Project from View---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Project from View (Bounds)---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Unwrap -> Reset---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Mark Seam---
UVs -> UV Mapping -> Clear Seam---
Edit Mode Tabs -> Grease Pencil
[TAB]: Grease PencilObject Mode Tabs -> Grease Pencil -> [TAB]: Grease Pencil--
DrawObject Mode Tabs -> Grease Pencil -> Draw--
LineObject Mode Tabs -> Grease Pencil -> Line--
PolyObject Mode Tabs -> Grease Pencil -> Poly--
EraseObject Mode Tabs -> Grease Pencil -> Erase--
Measure -> Ruler/ProtactorObject Mode Tabs -> Grease Pencil -> Measure -> Ruler/Protactor--
Peter Varo (petervaro) edited this Maniphest Task.Feb 16 2014, 1:35 AM

This is a great list @petevaro! I think what would be best is to split this table up into relevant sections per task.

For example, one task and one table for:

  1. Edit Mode Toolbar: Tools tab
  2. Object Mode Toolbar: Relations tab
  3. Delete Menu

And so on.

Thank you @Jonathan Williamson (carter2422)! Next time I update this list (hopefully tomorrow) I will split it into sections just as you mentioned.

BTW I thought about this when I created the table but the different segments are going to have different widths, that's why I unified the table into one :)

Peter Varo (petervaro) edited this Maniphest Task.Feb 22 2014, 4:18 PM

Just a comment on an existing icon.
The modifier icon for 'particle system' and 'particle instance' are the same.
What I propose would be for particle instance the use of a colour for the the main star and darkening a bit the 3 others.
I don't know if it's going to work I'll try do attach the modified files.
This one is an svg file taken from the original file with the 3 small stars desaturated and the big one saturated blue.

The second one has the 3 small stars shaded darker.

Hope this works if not here are the pngs.

T53253 mentions a duplicate icon for Snap onto itself and Limit selection to visible buttons in the 3D view header.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) claimed this task.

Archiving old task, outdated due to new icons and tool system in 2.8.