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Blender freeze for all release when render in a window with an ATI card
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Hello, a french user, can't use the current cvs because with his graphic card, an Ati 8500 under windows, when he makes a render in a window Blender freeze.

In oldre release, he does render in view3D and this work OK, but now with the recode of the renderer he can't render in the view3D, if you want more information, I can ask his.

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Oops, I miss to say, he uses win98


I ask to have more information about the problem :
He tries with :
- blender 2.23 : OK
- blender 2.32 : OK
- blender 2.37 : ok
- blender 2.41 : nearly ok, sometimes works, sometimes UI freeze

When the problems happens, the render is finished, the time of the render is drawn on the render window, the UI of Blender does not react.

Blender does not crash but he had to close blender.
The stranger thing is the problems does not happen all times.

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did you try the usual solution of turning your opengl settings down or off?


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This is a typical OpenGL problem... and extremely hard to verify without having a developer using such a system. There just seem to be certain opengl functions that fail in unexpected circumstances. We've had more ATI problems reported, also in the render window. I will work on that, and maybe that will help this person too.

The only thing I can do now is advice the user to try to upgrade or downgrade drivers. Probably that will be hard though, win98 isn't supported anymore?


Hello, the user who had the problem, recorded a little video of his screen when the problem happens. Now he can render but if he presses EscapeKey, the UI does not redraw.
The problems does not happen all time.


I try to close the render windows when Escape is pressed, with BIF_close_render_display(); but the Ui freeze again.
After I remember the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z to open the Swapbuffer menu, the user have the freeze press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z and after 4 to force the redraw but the keep freezing.

This is a generic request to test your bug report and see if it is still an issue in 2.5alpha2 if so please let me know by making a comment in this report ie 'also in 2.5alpha2' and I will add it to the 2.5 bug list.

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