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Boolean modifier freeze
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System Information

Tested on various HW and OS (Win64, Linux64)

Blender Version

Latest tested version: blender-2.70-c17acf1-win64 (official daily build)
Broken: somewhere in 2.70
Worked: (optional) 2.69

Short description of error

In some cases boolean modifier (difference) causes Blender to freeze (infinite loop type, full load on one CPU core).
In test blend file is also used Solidify modifier, however booleans freeze even if Solidify is applied with thickness value near freeze case and manipulating objects by grab and rotate.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

Open attached file, and either run animation (alt-A) or set Solidify modifier thickness on cube.001 to >1.7.

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I can confirm that the file in question is causing Blender 2.7 to freeze up. This file does not cause Blender 2.69 to freeze...

The animation of the thickness setting of the Solidify mofifier of object cube.001 is causing the problem. At verious points in the animation cycle if one applies the modifier and then examines the resulting mesh it will be seen that there are faces with normals pointing in the wrong direction. Not only that, but the resulting mesh is also passing through itself over time, having faces that are cutting through other ones. It is also questionable whether or not the resulting mesh from the solidify animation over time is always completely closed and manifold (I didn't look that closely).

In any case, the boolean modifier in Blender 2.69 does seem to tolerate this bad mesh (even if the visual result is still unstable and terrible).

The boolean modifier in Blender 2.70 does not tolerate the bad mesh and freezes the whole program.