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Zooming in perspective mode, or camera
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System Information
OSX 10.8.5

Blender Version
All, some years now

Zooming issue under perspective mode, viewport or camera navigation.

On the default cube scene of blender.

  1. num 5 for perspective view. Everything works fine, zooming is OK.
  2. SHIFT+C. Now the issue is back. Zooming is in trouble.
  3. View -> Align View -> View Selected [CTRL+.]. Now it works again.

Fair enough
What I never understood is, as I work, without Shift+C, it starts happening.
I can't reproduce it, can't save and upload the file because when I reopen it, everything works.
However, I can reproduce it by Shift+C
Lot of newcomers are in trouble, years now.
It is a bug, a nasty one.
Should never happen.
thank you.



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@michail: You write "the issue is back", but what is the issue? I'm unable to see the problem.
What is your "Zoom Style" setting in the user preferences (menu File -> user prefs, "Input" section)?

Zooming in works til you reach the rotation center. To move forward, you can press Ctrl+Shift+MMB+MouseMove (that's for PC, don't know the keys on OSX).

I can't edit my comment, so...: I just saw T39176. It's by design that the panning distance is proportional to the distance to the rotation center. This is because, if you edit a very small object, it can be assumed you do not intended to pan a larger distance because you'd lose your object out of focus. If you zoom out, panning distance gets larger, too. I hope I got you right.

Bastien Montagne (mont29) claimed this task.

Yep, not a bug, "SHIFT C" simply puts the "virtual" perspective camera farther away, but zoom still behaves the same (i.e., in persp camera, you cannot zoom in indefinitely, since there is a lower limit to the FoV). Note you can move that "virtual" view camera quite easily with the walk or fly modes (shift-F)…