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GPU Rendering
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I am aware that the RC2 version has a reported rendering problem on the download page. What I want to report is something which may have already been reported. Blends that I have opened and resaved in the 2.70RC2 version have the same problem when being rendered in the official 2.69. Files created and only modified in the 2.69 version render properly in both the 2.69 and 2.70RC2 versions.

Thanks for the great program and everyones continued efforts
Paul Sgrillo



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What is "The same problem"? Error message? Example Blend file? Operating system? GPU? We have this template here for a reason, so please provide *all* the info!

Problem as reported on the download page is "ALERT_CYCLES_CUDA_BROKEN_RC2.sorry"

When you render the file in 2.69, what is the error message? Blender does not show "ALERT_CYCLES_CUDA_BROKEN_RC2".

And again, I asked you for more info, OS, GPU....if you don't provide this I can only close the report!

come on people, be a little more organized, report bugs as requested....if I were dingto I would close this now.

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