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Cloth stiffness scaling panel is not working
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Hi Devs,

System Information
Ubuntu64, 16gb ram, haswel i7 4770k

Blender Version
Current dev c359de2

Short description of error
Normally, you should be able to influence the cloth stiffness via a vertex group and the appropriate panel: . I know that this doc is for 2.4, but for 2.6 it's not even described even though it is available as a panel.

So my question is: Should this work? Or should we remove it alltogether?
Apart from that the cloth "pre roll" is not working at all - same question here.

Daniel @Daniel Genrich (genscher), I think I got a bug for you here ;)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I uploaded a file(

) that illustrates the issues, on the left side the one with the vertex group and on the right hand with the pre roll.

Many Greetings, Thomas



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As an addition: When I try to change the max values under the stiffness scaling vgroup boxes to smth. lower than the normal values on the "cloth" panel then they are reset to the normal values. This is wrong too as you should be able to set this to any value you like but not higher than the normal value ...

For the vertex group striffness and bending, I think the weight for the vertex group allows the cloth to have a higher stiffness or bending, compared to the normal settings.
Heres a modified example:

Hi Koilz,

thanks for clarifying that - that solves the issue. So in fact you're defining with "max" the stiffness value that the vertices with a value of 1 will take... now it gets clearer. I'll close this issue now and make a new one with the Pre Roll, as this is a separate issue.

Thanks for your help,

Koils example file explains it pretty good. This issue is a user incapacity...

Thank you @koil (koilz) and @Thomas Beck (plasmasolutions) for the additional information about Cloth Stiffness Scaling. Since there is limited documentation, this inspired me to elaborate on the feature and how it works, :

Thanks again!