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Dyntopo snake hook and collapse edge broken
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System Information
Operating system and graphics card
xp sp3

Blender Version
Broken: blender-2.70 c359de2 win32
Worked: blender 2.69

Short description of error
when sculpting with Dyntopo , and the snake hook with Collapse Edge , the resulting geometry is completely broken

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Based on a (as simple as possible) attached .blend file with minimum amount of steps

  • use a subdivided cube ( a polysphere)
  • go to sculpt mode
  • enable Dyntopo , set the Detail to 10
  • change Subdivide Edges into Collapse Edges
  • select the Snake Hook brush and make a snake hook stroke

very bad result :

In Blender 2.69 it worked perfectly under those conditions and same settings :



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Update on this, thanks to Michalis pointing it to me on the Blenderartist dedicaced Dyntopo thread.

So it appears it is not a bug, but the "Collapse Short Edge" in Blender 2.69 is not called "Collapse Edge" as i thought in Blender 2.70

"Collapse Short Edge" from Blender 2.69 is now called "Collapse Subdivide" in Blender 2.70, as by using Collapse Subdivide i obtain now the same acceptable result as in Blender 2.69

So Blender 2.70 "Collapse Edge" seems to be a new setting and unlike the name suggest is not the same as all as Collapse short Edge was in 2.69.

I guess this can be closed now