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bevel object size problem
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Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i7-4770K CPU @3.50GHz
ASUS nVidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB GDDR5 DirectCU Mini

Problem exists in all Blender 2.69 and 2.70 releases

This is not a bug, per se, but rather an inconsistancy in the scaling of a curve used as a bevel object along another curve. Please refer to the attached files.

You can see in the image that the bezier circle is mapped as a bevel object along both a bezier curve and a nurbs path.
When mapped along the nurbs path the bezier circle is mapped (as expected) in a one-to-one size relationship along the length of the nurbs path.
On the other hand, when the bezier circle is mapped as a bevel object along the bezier curve it has suddenly been scaled up - by a bit more than seven (7x) times larger.
Why does this difference exist? It does not seem logical.



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The radius of your NURBS control points is set to 1.0, while the radius of your Bézier control points is set to 7.0 or so (use N (properties) panel in 3DView to see your point's properties, in Edit mode)…

I see what you mean... and I admit I never noticed that.

However, I used the function "apply scale" to my upsized curve and that (obviously) did not reset the radius measurement.

Oh well, live and learn. ;-)