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Can't bake combine, shadows, to active
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OSX 10.8.5
MacPro dualXeon 16 threads, ATI HD 5870
hash: 4c5fe54

bumps are supported now. When baking a combined map.
However, I baked an object space normal map and don's see any bumps there.
I also tried a tangent space, just to be sure and crash as expected. (it happens on 70% of the cases here)
These from multires.

Duplicated the mesh then, applied the multires modifier at level 1.
Gave it a new simple shader with an active texture.
Used it as active to bake into.
Tangent space, this time no crash, map is fine. Didn't catch any bumps though.
Diffuse worked,
However, impossible to bake to active a combined map, returns black. Tried distances… black.
This was working some releases back.
Missed something?

Bake to active, bakes color or AO (no bumps there) or normal maps only.
Everything else returns black, as if the active mess shadows the targeted mesh.
I don't get it. I tried a lot of distance values…

Uploading a blend file.
It is a multires and a simpler version as active around.
I don't include a texture map for bumps, any picture can serve. Sorry.
Download blend zip file here

Event Timeline

  1. I open the file, press bake and have an error: "Error: Not initialized image marbleGrey.jpg"
  2. I replaced this image by another one, pressed bake and another error: "Error: No valid selected objects"
  3. I select "Cube.001" and then "Cube" press bake and it bakes fine.

It's not clear to me what your issue is. Can you reproduce the issue in a simple file that contains all that is needed (e.g., use an internal image, or pack one for the bump map), and that can be tested by simply opening the file and pressing "Bake"?

If you know what you expect please attach an image too.

Note: Instead of storing the file in dropbox upload them to the tracker (see the "Upload File" button in the Comments toolbox). And please don't zip the file, instead save as your blend file and mark "Compress" from inside Blender.

Do you really think that the texture was the case?
A jpg file?
BTW, dropbox is just fine for me.
I have to stop sleeping, lol, please, give me a brake.
Sorry, I had to say it.
I know, it has to go this way. Patience is required.

It's not a matter of what is fine for you, but what makes easier for more people to help with debugging the issue. Having the file in the tracker means that in 10 years if a similar issue arises the file is still around.

Do you really think that the texture was the case?

I don't know, what I do know is that the easier you make to reproduce the issue, the quicker it goes away. That's why I may sound pedantic when insisting on the report to follow a certain procedure.

i'm also having problems baking this particular file from my windows machine, I also replaced the image file, and it produces no result.

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Delete this texture then, It was for testing bumps after all.
just try to bake a combine.

sorry for the same name of file
Please try this one
These are two objects one on top of the other.
the targeted mesh is multires and has a noise texture as bump (procedural)
the top, the active mesh has only an active texture for making.

My conclusions so far:
hash 7891899
No crashes on OSX, this seems fixed.

  1. Bake from multires

-combine captures the bumpy noise,
-tangent/object nmaps don't capture the bump. (no conversion of bumps into nmaps) (it is a feature)

  1. Bake to active

a. Disconnect the noise texture/bump
-combine works
-nmaps working
b. Connect the noise
-combine returns black
-normal bakes fine, it doesn't capture the bump though.

the previous file, the one I posted yesterday, had a map. Now it doesn't.
However, the reason it was not working (to active) was that I was using the same shading setup on both of the meshes.
Meaning, it should work as the active free texnode was selected. It seems that having a bump on the active object messes the baking procedure.

@Felix Schlitter (dalai)
it is hard for me to provide a decent bug report.
I tried hard to help.
I hope all these will help you anyway.
Thank you for your time and efforts

Bug fixed, thanks for the report.

it is hard for me to provide a decent bug report. I tried hard to help. I hope all these will help you anyway.

It definitively helped. It's not easy to report a bug, and I'm sure you will get better over time. It takes some "developer" thinking, which anyone can adquire. Basically the idea is to strip out the file from anything unrelated to the issue. And to minimize the time anyone else would need to verify the problem. If that means you end up spending 2 hours reporting a bug, instead of 30 minutes, those are probably 1.5 hours you saved from a developer, which is highly appreciated ;)

For the records, this is the file I ended up using for my tests

I took your sample file, simplified (no need for complex spheres, the issue was present in simple planes), reduced the render time (I reduced the image from 1024 to 256 pixels), organized the file (objects are named High, Low, materials as well, and objects are in different layers, so it's easy to test baking with and without selected to active), hook it up the selected objects so all you have to do is to press 'Bake' to see the black image.

Bake to active now bakes bumps. Excellent!
Normal maps don't show bumps though, both to active or direct baking.
Of course it is a feature,
Thank you for the nice work so far.