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Disable Auto-perspective (by default)
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After getting bug reports of users, making minor changes to functionality, and discussion with others.

  • Blender is trying to make decisions for the user, this is OK as an opt-in for users who like, but I think we shouldn't try to second-guess user actions by default (assuming when they do/don't want perspective mode).
  • Its really annoying when it does _NOT_ do what you want, and we got bug reports from users who wonder why their view ortho/perspective is changing - see T39183 T40173
  • Its difficult to support under all circumstances, (switching between camera/axis views, axis-snapping by holding Alt while rotating the view for example) - see T40148

I really think we should not enable this by default.

(See main ticket about changing defaults - T37518)



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+1, one of the issues with this automatic behavior is it assumes you want to be in perspective when going back to free camera. In my case I almost always work in ortho so this behavior is constantly switching my free camera view to perspective, very inconvenient.

I'm in agreement here;
1- It's possible that auto perspective is attempting to accomplish something that might be better done with more design.
2- It could be helpful 'when you expect it' but:
3- it is mega confusing when you don't:
4- which means it might not be a good default!

For waht’s worth, agree too to disable this setting by default. :)

@Daniel Salazar (zanqdo), regarding going out of camera mode. for me this works ok with auto-perspective. (Leaving camera view by numpad0 or MMB orbit)
(This was reported and fixed a while back)

@Daniel Salazar (zanqdo) - then I rather that be a bug report handled outside this thread. we must not be testing the same thing

Agree as well. These kind of settings are better left off by default and let users enable them that wish to use it.

Note, The issue @Daniel Salazar (zanqdo) mentioned is:

  • Side view -> camera -> orbit - exit to perspective
  • Ortho user -> camera -> orbit - exit to ortho

This isnt a bug (at least this was never intended to work), for that to work we need to store 2 ortho/persp setting.

I am glad that you have taken actions to address the issue.
It would be great if auto-perspective supported alt-snapping one day though. After finding out the idea behind auto-perspective I have to say that it can potentially be super useful to me if it did support my preference to the alt key instead of the numpad buttons.

The alt-key would always win me over the numpad buttons when using a wacom tablet for example, where the pad's express keys are assigned to be the modifier buttons . Since you usually have a limited number of express keys, having one key let you snap to views is much better than having a key for each individual view.