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UX issue - Unit transformations do not follow default scale
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System Information
win 8 64, 2x msi lightning 780

Blender Version
Broken: (example: 2.70.5 ba1acec, see splash screen)
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**This is a serious UX issue which causes confusion among new users since what they expect is not what they get.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Make sure default in Properties panel/Scene units are set to a scale of 1 which is 1 meter(could be any other but easier to see it this way)
  2. Now set it to 0.01 which make the default unit in cm
  3. Make a new circle(or cube or whatever). Press N in viewport, go to transform section and for dimension, type: 1. Now since the default scene scale is 0.01 which is in cm, typing 1 should set the dimmension to 1 cm, but now is still 1 meter forcing the user to manually convert each time and try to guess the result they will get.

So how this should be working properly is whatever is default scale in scene should also apply to transformations.

Having a dropdown as well with some default units like km,m,cm,mm etc like in other apps will make things even more clear.

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I think this is a misunderstanding. What if you enter 0.3 as the scale? It's not meant to be the "default unit if you enter no unit in an edit box". It's just the scale helping with creating smaller (or bigger) models.

If you enter 0.3 it will be 30 cm I think ;)

So when typing some value for transforms then you get 30 cm increments for 1 unit.

And that's why I said a proper dropdown for standard units will help.

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This is more like a design discussion. The thing is that units doesn't follow units, they're decoupled from each others. Improvements are possible for sure, but it's being handled outside of the bug tracker. Made sure the issue is listed in our TODO list:

Thanks for the report, but closing it now.