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Sculpting multi-res has artifacts: grabbing between different levels
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System Information
Debian testing/stable, CentOS 6.3. Nvidia Titan

Blender Version
Broken: 2.71 testbuild2 517094a and older
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
Weird folds appear after brush-sculpting on the upper layer, step down to some lower level, grabbing (moving) the sculpted part of a mesh and switch the level back and forth.
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
You can see the bug effect on the monkey's left brow if you switch the level.
How to reproduce on the right brow:

  1. Switch to sculpt level 5
  2. Sculpt some stuff onto the right brow
  3. Switch to level 2
  4. Move the right brow or parts of it up a little bit with the Grab tool, like the left one
  5. Switch back to upper levels

You'll see the nasty folds appear even on the level 2, but not on the most upper level 5.
It's really strange, that it hasn't been found before, since it's a usual technique while sculpting, when you want to adjust the overall shape after adding smaller details. And it's very critical.

Sorry for the archive. The scene was too big to upload, so i reduced sculpting levels to 4 and archived it. You can subdivide it once more.


To Do

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This is a known limitation (that has to be solved of course). A workaround for now is to use "Apply Base"

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hmm, not sure this should even be considered as a bug... isn't that more a limitation/todo?

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I think this TODO has been finished or removed, will report resolved, please re-open if this still occurs.

It still occurs, but Apply Base solves it. I think it should be marked as a todo.