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Convert PNG's to H264 Quicktime
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In Blender 2.71 is allways some strange type of mosaik distortion, when i render a PNG Sequenz to
H264. It works fine in older Blender Releases. (the same blend file)



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Why do you say "H264 quicktime"? Our main encoding backend is ffmpeg, afaik…

And this report is far from complete, we need exact version of Blender involved, your OS, and a small demo .blend file demonstrating the issue…

Hups.. sorry ^^

Here some more detail:

I'm working with an mac pro, OSX Mavericks 10.9.3

The Problem is on Blender 2.71, in Blender 2.7 and Blender 2.67 is it working fine.

I wrote "H264 Quicktime", because i did use the "H264" in the output and then use in the encoding Quicktime. I used a Bitrate of 60000, Minimum 40000 and Maximum 80000.

Here some Screenshots from the Problem (used the Quicktime Player)

: ...The last Picture is, how it normali looks.

This is the file the problem happend:

Hope, this is more clear. Sorry for wasting your time bevore - i'm a newbie in bugreport...

Thanks anyway :)

Bastien Montagne (mont29) raised the priority of this task from Needs Information from User to Normal.Jun 23 2014, 3:27 PM

That would sound like a bug in encoding ffmpeg backend…

Maybe Sergey has ideas here, and Thomas or Jens might try to confirm the issue? On linux all seems to work OK (but I’m not using release build here :/ ).

To reproduce the issue happening with encoding we need all the files (.blend and media used for encoding). Otherwise we can't really test the files.

Also, please test latest builds from, we've upgraded FFmpeg there and the issue might be solved now.

And one more thing, does the video open correct in blender? Or does it open correct in vlc?

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.Aug 7 2014, 9:34 PM

I got this blend, replace the not packed png with own and
rendered a All fine here.

Whats the exact format of your png ? 8 or 16bit ?
Contains alpha ?


I used 8bit PNG's.

Stranglely, i found a special thing: Thirst: I use the Quicktime Player to watch, not the VLC. (in VLC are different Problems, but allso with mosaic).
You can see the mosaic-distortion only, if you scrub with the Playback butten.

I make the cut with final cut pro x. Inside the program, the mosaic problem is allways there. And the bigest problem is, if i'm gona render my final cut project, then the mosaik is visible in every player WITHOUT scrubing the playback butten.

(Playback button = The thing to say from what time the playback should start - the line under the movie who tells, how long the movie is and where you are in the movie at the time.) ..."playback button" is maybe not the right word for that...

To make it as clear as possible, i putt a folder in to my dropbox for you to download. Inside is the blend file, 2 Clips with mosaic distortion and a PNG-Sequenz to rebuild my problem.

Thank you very much for moving on :)

Got your complete zip.

I cannot see any issue in your files.

All your movies look o.k. here in QuicktimePlayer(X), QuicktimePlayer7, VLC, ...
Rendered your png sequence with 2.71 as well as current trunk, also no problem.

I recommend you check if you have a conflicting quicktime addition installed, such as
Perian etc. Those are often conflicting if not matched to Qt and afaik are almost broken
with OSX 10.9/10


Did you Scrub in the timeline? They did look fine here to, but not with time scrubing.

I have no Adds at all in my players - so this can't be the problem.

Finaly, i need to repeat: It was allways working fine with older blender-Verions! In 2.7 for example, is it working fine.

Here i have the Version from sutch a bad mosaic-clip renderd with final cut pro x. Maybe you need allso to rerender it ( i mean the clips i did send before, not this one) with a software like final cut or premiere or something...

Here in this file you can definitly see the problem:

Having atrtefacts when scrubbing h264 is no miracle.
Such stuff has GOP's aka has timebased and pixelbased
compression, thus will only look o.k. when played.

I also compared to a 2.70a and it shows the same scrub
issue at same frames.

I think this is a non issue, but will test another case asap also.


You render with GOP size 15, means 15frames are taken as block for timebased compression.
Such material is not recommended for further use aka later slomo or reverse pb etc. anyway.

Here is your video with GOPsize = 1, see youself:

Find the best compromise in size/needs for h264 and btw: the ffmpeg codec for h264 is much better than qt !

Edit: The reason you may see changed behavior here is that the qt codec does not
support GOP and though you are using the ffmpeg/h264, you might have overlooked this defaulting to 15 frames.

As this is a almost a user error, i close the task


O.k. Thank you! You solved the problem. I just have to use the GOP size 1. Its working :)

...but it still doesn't explains, why it was working on every older blender Version.

Thank you.

Could be just changed defaults over time.

Important: don't confuse (apple-) quicktime-> h274 with the
ffmpeg->h264 in quicktime container !