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broken softbody.
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System Information
windows 7 professional 64-bit laptop integrated graphics (dell inspiron n5010)

Blender Version
Broken: 2.71 full

Short description of error
the stiffness and shapematch of softbody objects is nonexistent.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
enter game engine
create softbody object uv sphere (for better detail)
create collision object
press p
watch the sphere land flat

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Has this always been a problem, or is it a regression? In other words, was there an earlier version of Blender where this feature worked as you expected it too?

@Sergej Reich (sergof) I don't know much about the physics. Is this feature being used correctly? If it is, is this a limitation of Bullet, or is it something we can possibly fix?

This is a regression, it's been broken somewhere after 2.70.
My guess would be that the way softbodies are constructed by blender has changed.

Looking further into it, culprit seems to be rBdf1a199, settings in blenderobject->bsoft are now completely ignored.
Here is a quick patch:

Thanks for the lead @Sergej Reich (sergof)! It looks like the code to copy these settings got lost in a recent cleanup. It makes me wonder if anything else got lost...

i have no clue how to install the diff file here.

@Skylyn Bilén (skyliner_369) to use a diff/patch you need to compile your own version of blender
However, in this case that should not be needed as moguri applied and committed the patch for everyone. You simply need to download a daily build that already has this change: