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Node Efficiency Tools "Import Image Sequence" function fails if the image sequence does not start at frame 1
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System Information
Mac OS X 10.9, AMD 5870

Blender Version
Broken: 2.71 official

Short description of error
2.71 added a convenience function to the node editor to auto-load image sequences. However, this function won't work unless the sequence starts at frame 1. If it starts at some other frame number, say, 60, the function will just give an error. It would be expected to load the sequence and adjust the start frame (or maybe the offset?) to compensate.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

-Get an image sequence that starts at some frame after 1. For example, set Blender's start frame to something > 1 and end frame a few frames higher, and hit "render animation".

-In Cycles or the Compositor node editors, use the import image sequence function and select the first available frame in the sequence. You will get an error that frame 1 couldn't be found, and no image will load.

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Will take a look over the next few days.

Hello jtheninja,

I was trying to reproduce your error, but so far couldn't find the issue. Maybe if you could explain a bit more and send a sample .blend in a zip file with a small sequence that shows your issue?

In the Input -> Image node for the compositor, there are three values:
Frames: this is the number of frames in the sequence
Start Frame: This is the frame of the blender scene where Blender should start the sequence
Offset: this is the offset (the 'frame 0' of the sequence where Blender should start)

So let's take an example, I have a sequence with images sequence_050.png, sequence_051.png, ... until sequence_60.png

When loading the sequence, Blender finds:
Frames: 11 - this is ok
Start Frame: 1 - (start the sequence at the first Blender frame)
Offset: 49 (so frame 1 is exactly our first sequence_050.png)

This means when rendering:
Frame 1: sequence_050.png
Frame 2: sequence_051.png
Frame 11: sequence_060.png

Now let's play with the Start Frame and set it to 10, which then renders to
Frame 1: black - before image sequence start frame
Frame 2: black - before image sequence start frame
Frame 9: black - before image sequence start frame
Frame 10: sequence_050.png
Frame 11: sequence_051.png
Frame 20: sequence_060.png

Could you check if that is maybe what is happening to you? Also take a look at the attached .blend file (in a zip with two image sequences - one source (in the render folder) and one output by the image node in compositor (in render_sequence)

uploaded .blend: F106527

Oops, somehow I got confused. This function is part of the node wrangler addon, not the regular compositor. The regular image sequence functionality is fine. Do bug reports for addons go someplace else? Or can this task be converted?

For those not familiar with Node Wrangler, it's addon wiki page is here:

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) renamed this task from "Import Image Sequence" function fails if the image sequence does not start at frame 1 to Node Efficiency Tools "Import Image Sequence" function fails if the image sequence does not start at frame 1.

hi, moved to Addons category & renamed to better reflect issue.
thanks for report.

@Bartek Skorupa (bartekskorupa), could you take a look? I assigned it to you since you were one of the authors of the Node Efficiency Tools. Otherwise let me know.


I will get in contact with Greg who wrote this part of the add-on. If he can't take care about it for any reason - I will. Thanks.