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Regression: Action actuator with playback type "Flipper" does not reverse correctly after action reaches end frame
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Broken: Version 2.71 official
Worked: Version 2.70a official

How to reproduce:

  1. Open the attached file in the latest version of Blender, inspect the cube's logic bricks, and press P to start the game.
  2. Left click to lift the cube, and release to put it back down.
  3. Notice that if you hold LMB for long enough, allowing the cube to reach the end of its action, the cube will not go back down gently when you release. Instead, it snaps back down.

Expected behaviour:

  1. Open and play the same game in version 2.70a.
  2. Notice now that you can hold the cube at the top, and releasing the left mouse button always plays the action in reverse, putting the cube down smoothly, regardless of how long you've held it up there.

The Flipper playback type should behave as it did in 2.70; playing the action forward when given a positive signal, then reversing when negative. The current behaviour of "snapping" back to frame 0 is a regression and it negates the usefulness of the feature.



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Oops! nearly forgot the file:

This is a side effect of the memory management for layers of action. After delete layer the actuator continues to request current frame and gets 0.

Yes. I did a quick patch and it is works, but I do not think a solution optimal, as it was necessary to introduce a new playtype in BL_Action. I think there is another solution to the conservation of the management layers mechanism.

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