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2.71 getActionFrame no longer returns frames accurately
Closed, ResolvedPublic


os Windows 8
cpu Intel 3570k
gpu amd 7970

Broken 7c9b8aa
Worked 2.69 Official

Since 2.71 getActionFrame will now revert to a frame of 0 once the animation has ended rather than the frame the anim ended on, as pre 2.71 did.
Seems like another one related to multithreded anims again or maybe the unlimited layers patch?. See screenshots for clarity.

The more worrying problem is it can now never return the very last frame before it reverts to returning a frame of 0 which is bad for your logic if it works on using that very last frame played. it seems it can miss the last anim frame if the framerate alters during animation playback. Hard to report in a blend that needs to stress your system. but I can post some screenshots from some animation runs to prove it.